About Us

Hot Melt Adhesive

Almas Fanavaran Giti

Adhesives, as technological products are at the end of the value chain of oil industry. Hot Melt Adhesives, due to powerful bonding, high-speed performance, reducing production time, less pollution and high risk of flammability are in a unique position in comparison to other alternative glues (water and solvent based adhesives).

Bonding through adhesives is the most efficient method. In this regard and under its brand name GitAce, Almas Fanavaran Giti Co., as a young motivated company, is making its utmost effort to find smarter ways to do so.

To maintain our quality policy and achieve breakthroughs, GitAce was powered by experienced and intelligent chemists and engineers beside advanced facilitated labs and market oriented Research and Development plans.

To put it in a nutshell, GitAce is an Iranian local manufacturer that relying on its quality awareness, knowledge based innovations and solutions, and customer oriented sales programs has the prospect of opening a global window to its products.