Almas Fanavaran Giti

Corporate Governance

We believe that good corporate governance serves the organization’s stakeholders in the long term, and also GITACE’s board of directors always seeks to strengthen the knowledge and experience of the organization’s members, and the trust that GITACE has built for its customers in a short period of time is due to honesty and quality in its products.

Our corporate governance principles govern how we do things right, which improves our performance and paves the way for our sustainable growth. Asghar’s board of directors supervises the CEO and senior management and has full confidence in the process of doing things, and controls are done on a daily basis.

Among the most important highlights of our governance are:

  • Long-Term Strategies – the Board annually approves long-term strategic plans and capital allocation strategies, aided by strategic priorities to drive key value creation levers and corporate fundamental strength.
  • Continuous Education: Top-down communication in our organization keeps employees informed about their thinking and also their continuous training helps employees to maintain their skills and increase their knowledge.

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