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24 November 2022
The powerful presence of Almas Fanavran Giti in the 29th printing and packaging exhibition in Tehran, Iran 2022
You can also have targeted communication in our 29 printing and packaging exhibitions focusing on GITACE products. This exhibition is held every year in the Persian […]
26 March 2022
Opened sales office and warehouse in Iraq, 2022
According to the identification of sales and distribution networks of Ches Bahay Mail in Sulaymaniyah city, the review of "Dan Shabanian's product identification database in Iraq" initially refers to the sales markets of Lowaz Mo-Tahrir, tool stores and retail markets as a whole.
26 March 2022
Opening of New Research and Development Lab in Tehran, 2020
The increase in competition and the motivation to survive has led many organizations to focus their activities on basic products and core capabilities, which requires investment in research and creating technological innovations.
26 March 2022
K-Show, Dusseldorf, Germany 2019
At K 2019, hosted from 16 until 23 October 2019, more than 3,000 exhibitors as well as the “Plastics shape the future“ special show and the Science Campus will present the key topics that will be dominating the developments in the global plastics and rubber market during the coming years.