Almas Fanavaran Giti Co.

What is intelligent Almas?

The operations of organizations are designed and systematized in the form of processes. Processes are a group of intra-organizational or extra-organizational procedures that satisfy a specific aim. In each process, the start and end points are expressed by the sum of the internal sub-processes along with the sequence between the sub-processes. BPMS (Business Process Management System) is an integrated and methodical technique for planning, implementing, and monitoring business processes.

Added value created by the process management system is:

  • Organizational development and excellence
  • Creating competitive advantage and sustainable value flow
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Agility of organization and organizational processes
  • Integration of organization and organizational processes

Danesh Banyan Almas Fan Avaran Gitti has implemented the following processes by establishing the smart diamond system:

  • Customer Voice
  • Management of CM contracts
  • SCM supply chain management
  • HRM human resource management
  • Official correspondence
  • Management of corrective actions
  • Management of executive programs
  • Management of meetings

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