Packaging Industry

Packaging Industry

Strong, clean and attractive packaging

Diverse products and the introduction of new ones on a regular basis have resulted in fierce competition among manufacturers. Meanwhile, packaging is one of the most influential marketing factors. Appropriate packaging must have adequate strength to preserve the product and be suitable with the pace of production lines. In addition, the visual appeal of packaging can be leveraged as a competitive advantage.

The packaging industry continues to expand and evolve globally. This industry necessitates an adhesive with high strength, good flexibility, and a rapid drying rate that is suitable with a variety of temperature settings and is in sync with the fast speed of automatic production lines.

Recognizing and understanding the contemporary needs of the packaging industry, itace Company has manufactured high-quality adhesives for a variety of packaging applications and has been recognized as a significant supplier for this industry.


A glance at the packaging industry

Over the past decade, the packaging sector on a global scale has experienced rapid expansion, which has been driven by the industry’s and consumers’ unique perspectives. Packaging is responsible for securing the product during storage, transportation, and sale from an industrial perspective. In many instances, the type of packaging also reflects the brand. From the perspective of the consumer, packaging should be useful and serve the intended purpose. Lightweight and flexible packaging is user-friendly and advantageous for consumers.

In 2017, the global market for adhesives used in the packaging business was approximately $ 7 billion, and it is expected to reach $ 41 billion by 2021, demonstrating the significance of adhesives in this industry and their growth. Food packaging utilizes laminated papers or laminated foils, as well as components that are sensitive to moisture, temperature, and air, to avoid product damage. The strength of the glue used in the packing of heavy items is crucial, and the temperature stability of frozen or heat-exposed products is crucial. To meet the needs of all of these sectors, specialist adhesives in all fields are required.

Gitase adhesives encompass a variety of subsectors within the packaging industry and are always increasing and modernizing. Gitace Company endeavors to give producers and consumers with high-strength and flexible adhesive.



Carton and Corrugated Boxes

Stylish, durable and functional

From the origin to the destination, the product is transported in carton packing. This style of packaging safeguards the goods against impact, light, and heat. A product’s attractiveness at the point of sale is enhanced by its packaging’s durability. The design and materials of a product’s packaging can be a competitive advantage for a given brand.

Flexible Packaging

Convenient to use, less space occupying, easy to transport

Flexible packaging is a type of packaging that changes shape easily.
Flexible packaging has been expanded for ease of use.
There are different shapes and types of flexible packaging depending on the type of product.
Flexible bags, sacks and bags are used in food packaging, hygiene and other consumer items.
The use of this packaging type facilitates storage, transportation and safer distribution of the products.


Hot Melt Adhesives in Action

Difficult to bond surfaces packaging

Beautiful, durable and attractive to the customer

Today, the use of laminated materials occupies a wide range of the packaging market.
Laminated surfaces are used to prevent moisture, light and other harmful factors entering to the package and improving storage conditions.
Packaging with laminated surfaces increases the appearance of the product.
Sticking of laminated surfaces requires a special adhesive due to their low surface energy.


Lightweight, safe and easy to pack

In wrapping the product covers completely by packaging sheet.
Wrapper can be made of paper, plastic or metal foil, depending on the desired properties.
The adhesive used for the wrapping should be safe for the product.
Depending on the characteristics of the product, the adhesive layer can be in direct contact with the product or another layer can be placed on it.


Hot Melt Adhesives in Action

Straw Attachment

Durable, clean and safe

The adhesive is used to attach straws to the body of beverage bags and cans.
The used adhesive should be appropriate with the speed of the production line and creates a clean surface.
This adhesive should be peeled off easily and be stable before use.
Maintain stability at low temperatures.
The adhesive should stick to different surfaces.


Hot Melt Adhesives in Action

Freezer content Packaging

Durable, Functional and safe

The adhesive is used for carton closing of materials keeping in low and freezer temperature.
The used adhesive should be appropriate with the speed of the production line and storage temperature.
The adhesive should stick to different surfaces.


Hot Melt Adhesives in Action