Paper & Plastic Bags

 Paper & Plastic  Bags

The mentioned products only represent a limited grade of the existing portfolio. The products of Gitace Company are produced Just-in-time (JIT) by customer’s request. The technical information, specifications and field of application presented in the table offer the differences between  grades. Our team of experts and sales representatives are ready to provide you with advice and support in finding the best adhesive for your specific goals, and this will be just the beginning of our cooperation.

Note: The information on this page is based on the results of our laboratory tests. Due to the wide range of different methods, substrates and processing methods for measuring these properties which are beyond our control, it is recommended that the product be tested and then used in the customer’s production lines and no responsibility is incurred.  In addition, no liability may be derived from the free information provides by the technical consulting service. For details and more information, refer to the latest technical data sheets.


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Hot Melt Adheives
Hot Melt Adheives
Hot Melt Adheives
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