Positioning and fixing

Position-silicone adhesive

The stated goods constitute only a small portion of the existing portfolio. Just-in-time (JIT) production is utilized by Gitace Company in response to customer demand. The distinctions between grades are shown in the table’s technical information, requirements, and field of use. Our team of experts and sales representatives is prepared to assist you in locating the ideal adhesive for your particular needs, and this is just the beginning of our partnership.

Note: This page’s content is determined by the outcomes of our laboratory testing. Due to the vast variety of methodologies, substrates, and processing processes for measuring these properties, which are outside our control, it is advised that the product be evaluated before to its use in the customer’s production lines, and no liability is assumed. In addition, the free information provided by the technical consulting service has no liability. Refer to the latest technical data sheets for specifics and further information.


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