Hygiene Industry

High quality, flexible, safe 

Due to their direct relationship with human health, hot-melt adhesives employed in the hygiene and cellulose sectors are of utmost importance. These adhesives must be compatible with the skin and allergen-free. In addition, good adhesion and high flexibility are required for movement to be unrestricted.


Hygiene industry at a glance

Nowadays, along with global development of sanitation, the consumption of health care products is increased worldwide. Children’s diapers, sanitary napkins and adult diapers are among the most common products that hot-melt adhesives are used in their structural, positioning and elastic parts . The role of hot-melt adhesive in hygiene industry is very essential. They provide designing new products and are compatible with high speed production lines. In the hygiene industry, special attention should be paid to the compatibility of the adhesive with the skin, whereas the raw materials or the final composition of the adhesive do not cause allergies or other side effects.

Strong and innovative Gitase adhesives cover various sub-sectors of the hygiene industry and are constantly expanding and updating. Gitace Company strives to provide high-strength and flexible adhesive to meet the needs of the manufacturers and satisfaction of consumers.



Baby Diapers

High strength, flexibility and adhesion

The adhesive used must be capable of bonding multiple layers.

The adhesive should have sufficient strength to hold components together under varying loads. It should be comfortable and not hinder the child’s movement. It needs to be resistant to moisture.


Hot Melt Adhesives in Action

Sanitary napkins

High resistance, adhesion and safety

The used adhesive must be able to bond layers of different materials.
The adhesive materials must be safe.
It should have proper adhesion strength.
The position adhesive should have a high cohesion and remove completely.


Hot Melt Adhesives in Action

Adult diapers

High strength, flexible, high adhesion

The adhesive must be able to bond different layers.
The adhesive should have high resistance to moisture.
It should consist of safe ingredients.
It should keep stability and strength over the time.


Hot Melt Adhesives in Action

Wet Wipes

High adhesion, moisture resistance and clean

Hot-melt adhesive is used to bond plastic lids of wipes.
The used adhesive must be strong enough to prevent detachment.
The adhesive should have good moisture stability.
It should not lose its strength over the time.


Hot Melt Adhesives in Action