High adhesion, clean and durable

In the labeling industry, hot-melt adhesives are applied to bond O.P.P. to variety of bottles in the beverage industry as well as in the production of sticky labels. Very high adhesion, good strength, long shelf life and peeling without leaving any residue are the required properties of the adhesives used in the labeling industry.


Labeling at a glance

Nowadays, labeling is an integral element of the packing process in manufacturing businesses, and many products feature introduction labels. Hot-melt glue is utilized in the fabrication of O.P.P. and adhesive labels. In the creation of removable labels, strong adherence and full peeling are needed qualities. Finally, these labels are affixed on containers of food, beverages, detergents, medications, etc. The quality and adhesion strength of the adhesives used in labeling are of the utmost importance. It must be stable in various environmental conditions during production, storage, transit, and use. Whereas removing the label without leaving any residue on the goods will aid the recycling process of the container, mere removal of the label will not.

Strong and innovative Gitace adhesives cover various sub-sectors of the labelling industry and are constantly expanding and updating. Gitace Company strives to provide high-strength and flexible adhesive to meet the needs of the manufacturers and satisfaction of consumers



Pressure sensitive Labels

High adhesion, durable, long shelf life

Very good adhesion and no adhesive peels off during storage
Resistant to temperature changes
Good die-cut capability,
Stability in different humidity
Stability of the adhesive over the time
No adhesive left after removing the label

Beverage bottle Labels

Strong, clean and stable

Proper adhesion and no opening during storage and transportation
Clean with no stringing
Stability against moisture
Resistant to temperature changes
Complete removal of the adhesive during recycling


Hot Melt Adhesives in Action