Small case and carton (Food and Hygiene)

Targeting your demands in packaging and  bonding all kind of solid cardboard folding boxes, like pillow-shaped gift boxes, telescoping boxes, match boxes, spaghetti, tea, and hygiene tissues cases and cartons with GitAce solutions.

Recommended grades

57Tight Melt 1200contact GitAce
Application:Packaging IndustryFeatures & Benefits:-Odorless
-Ageing Resistance
-Short open time
-Clean machining
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Use for:-Tissue case and carton
-Tile and Ceramic cartons
-Agriculture cases
56Tight Melt 1100contact GitAce
Application:Packaging IndustryFeatures & Benefits:-Economical grade
-High-Short open time
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Use for:-Heavy case and carton -Tile and Ceramic cartons -Agriculture cases

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