Packaging :

Hot melt adhesive technology has been the number one choice among high-volume, high-speed paperboard and fiberboard packagers for decades. Since the adhesive fluid is comprised of thermoplastic material, an immediate bond is formed following application. No other adhesive technology matches the speed and application flexibility of hot melt adhesive in the packaging industry.


GitAce provides a complete product offering for the packaging industry, including a full range of EVA, APAO and PSA hot melt adhesives. Our hot melt adhesives span a wide range of polymer technologies and are critical enablers to a broad range of manufacturing and end-use product applications.

Our deep chemical and polymer knowledge, facilitated R&D laboratory and advanced raw materials cause to advance the productivity of packagers.

The main characteristics of GitAce Adhesives in the packaging industry:

  • reduced packaging cost
  • increase production line speeds
  • High adhesion to different surfaces
  • High thermal stability
  • Cleaning at runtime
  • No odor and smoke when using
  • resistant to stress
  • Reduce consumption
  • Ability to withstand temperature changes

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