Gain higher quality and performance for your personal disposable hygiene and non-woven adhesive products with the advanced adhesive technologies and absorbent solutions from GitAce.

Disposable hygiene producers all use PSA Hot Melt adhesive in their products’ construction and application processes, that is subject to baby and women skins therefore adhesive play a key role in the performance and quality of the end products.

GitAce Hygiene Hot Melt Adhesives includes products that have been designed for the use of permanently bonding non-woven materials, bond elastic strands to non-woven materials, and self-adhesive positioning strip such as those found in the feminine hygiene or baby diaper.

Featuring the adhesives include the following.

  • Compatible with human skin
  • No odor and smoke when using
  • High adhesion to a wide variety of materials
  • Raw materials Natural and Health
  • Advanced formulated for Fast and Slow machines
  • Reduce consumption

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